My Role :
Executive Creative Producer
Production Designer & Art Director​​​​​​​
The Location:
This was the first challenge we faced; dealing with more than 18,000 m2 of land floated on & surrounded by the river, and full of big rocks.

The Bridge :
Filming zone was not reachable except through the river, so we have to build a bridge over the river; allowing rafting boats to pass underneath through the river. This bridge should carry two elephants; each weighs 2.7 ton.

River Transformation:
To secure & guarantee the safety of the people falling in the river, we had to transform the river, changing the current direction, strength & digging the river from 0.4 m till 3m deep.

Art Direction:
Although all these challenges & many more, we build a beautiful location inspired by the nature & rich culture around us.
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