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It's the 10th season of the most significant TV production in the Middle East. It's a yearly prank entertainment show; consists of 30 episodes & it is broadcasted by the biggest Middle East TV Network - MBC TV Channels.

The idea started with hiring a famous middle-eastern TV presenter who invited the celebrities to a TV program called “Truth Chair”. When they arrived, the presenter is asking them to set on the special chair which will read their pulses & tell us is he telling the truth or not.

Once the Chair is activated , it’s automatically wrap the guest from his arms & legs so he can’t move or leave the chair.

Then the presenter started to ask some questions & in certain moment our main star was appearing through a portrait in a shocking scene to the guests. Here all the screen content is changing & we reveal the robotic arm that was connected to the chair. 

Our main star started to ask the guest personal & embracing questions & if they don’t answer, he gives the order for robot to go high, flip & rotate like games in adventure parks. Once finished from this segment , he allowed the guest to be off the chair, while they were thinking about revenge , there was another surprises waiting them like a false floor & falling in a pool under stage or sliding stairs or strong wind from big fans.

Show Execution & Operation by : https://www.onecreative.ae
Showmaking: https://haithammarzouk.com

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