A Creative Theatrical Mind powered by Strong Technical Expertise
Hire a world-class Showcaller for your event who has :

- Technical Knowledge
Among the many media servers & software he dealt with were watchout, Pandora, D3, Notch, Pixera, and Ventuz. He also dealt with a variety of lighting & sound equipment and the Shoflo Show Run.

- Content problem solving
He works with most animation & motion graphics software, such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCPX, and Media Encoder - so he understands the formats and codecs.

- Creative Direction 
He is a creative director with a special touch and a distinctive taste.

- Bilingual  
Fluent in Arabic & English.

- Leadership, attention to detail, pressure handling &  communication skills
His experience includes working with hundreds of event professionals on-site, dealing with high-profile clients - up to presidential authorities - and calling events involving hundreds of cues. Having dealt with many situations, he knows how to make the right decision under pressure.

- Media Production Experience 
He works in TV production, so he understands what is seen by cameras during live events & how to make recordings look nicer.

Recent Events 
Show Director / Show Caller for many events:

Pre-COP28 Global Sustainability Forum
Riyadh - Saudi Human Resources Development Fund
Global Summit Of Women - GSW 2023
MISK Riyadh - Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation
Sheikh Zayed Poetry Awards - ADMM  
SINF - Sharjah International Narration Forum - 22nd Edition  
DLA - Dubai Live Atlantis Event
DSC - Dubai Sports Council Awards Ceremony  
EXPO NYE Parade Shows (85 Shows)
SINF - Sharjah International Narration Forum - 21st Edition  
WEEGS Awards & Closing Ceremony
WEEGS Opening Ceremony - UN
World Excellence Summit - DEWA UAE
EXPO 2020 - Solar Decathlon Middle East 
SINF - Sharjah International Narration Forum - 20th Edition 
UAE Federal National Election - Press Conference 
UAE Election - Closing Ceremony
RTA Leadership Annual Forum 
Happiness Lab “The Executive Council” 
DEWA Annual Gathering “The Executive Council” 
DEWA Awards Ceremony
Dubai Majlis “HH Mohamed Bin Rashid Palace” 
UAE Sports Achievements Awards “ Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace”
SINF - Sharjah International Narration Forum - 19th Edition 
Sharjah Airport Annual Ceremony
Noon Arts Awards Ceremony
Dubai Motor Show - ZR1 Corvette & Chevrolet 
Roberto Cavalli Fashion Show 
MMA - ADW  Championship
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