My Role:
Executive Creative Producer
Production Designer & Art Director​​​​​​​
We Built the first Location above the ground a Mini-City with everything we could possibly think of that we might need as we were over 3 hours drive from the city which equates to over 6 hours driving to fetch anything we had forgotten.

Art Direction
The art direction was inspired by the local culture & environment around us mixed with ultramodern style. So, you will find the ultramodern domes mixed with rustic wood, rope, water wheel.

Our next challenge was to dig a 7 meter deep in the desert soft sand, creating the quicksand pool. We built a Car lift that moves the car down & up and how to fix it in the sand & to control its speed. Underground control rooms & its isolation & ventilation. Lizard room & its attached cave / tunnel. We built everything with an automation system to be controlled easily from a distance.

Prank Cars - Amphibious
We created Semi-Amphibious cars (Fully Customized) that have a potent motor to be able to climb the high dunes afterward it will go in the quicksand & inside the water entirely then it will come out & work again.
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